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The Industrial License is issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). However, Industrial Licenses should also get approval from Dubai Municipality (DM) and different ministries and other authorities. For example banks and other financial institutions require approval from the Central Bank of the UAE, insurance companies and related agencies from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

Industrial licenses are issued for companies that convert natural resources or transform raw materials. This transformation can be in terms of structure, appearance, the manufacturing new products, or transforming semi-manufactured products into fully manufactured ones. This transformation can be achieved by mechanical means, or by manually segregating, filling, assembling, or packing products.

In order to setup industrial licence company in Dubai, there must be a local sponsor holding 51% of shares and the foreign investors will own the remaining 49%.

Industrial License in UAE, Company formation requires a physical office inside the country. Virtual Office is not entertained by the DED. It is necessary to do the maximum amount of preliminary analysis before applying for this license. And also from here you can get the details about how to open company in Dubai, UAE.

Provides with preliminary analysis before applying for Industrial License.
Creating business opportunities from reliable and trustworthy sources.
Safeguards revenue transaction and proceeding through judicial intervention.
An Industrial License welcomes further investors and consumers.
Globalized business community &Modern Infrastructure facilities.
World-class telecommunications &E-governance system.
Sophisticated financial intercessions &services sectors.World-class telecommunications &E-governance system.