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Our dedicated team of professionals takes pride in delivering results for most difficult cases. We provide a dedicated service to help you to reduce your management cost. HMC assists businesses through all the business setup stages with of PRO in Dubai and Document clearing services. As our work closely linked with the Dubai government and officials of various ministries, we are known far and wide as providers of the most-efficient and professional PRO Services in Dubai. Ultimately, you benefit from our PRO services in Dubai in terms of time spent as part of queues in government offices as well as money.

PRO Services in Dubai play an important role when you want passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, trademarks, copyrights and certification. The professional PRO services of HMC ensure that clients are given maximum support for their smooth stay and business in the UAE.

Our experienced experts can see to all the following and more:

Visa applications
Visa renewals
Licensing requirements for corporate bodies
Changes in labour contracts
Residency for foreign-born staff and their families
Approvals from government agencies
Approval of Trade name
Court Agreement letter / Notary
Civil defense paperwork
Typing LLC contract (Arabic and English)
UAE business license services
Embassy paperwork
Municipality paperwork
Legal translation
Labour card and immigration card renewal
Visa amendment
Economic department paperwork
Certificate attestation
Contract clearance
Immigration department paperwork
Labour department paperwork
Services for visa processing